At STEM Talent Solutions, we provide flexible and innovative recruitment services tailored to the client’s needs. We have a passion for linking highly-qualified technical talent with the businesses that need their skills, and achieve that goal through our persistence, our commitment to excellence, and our expertise in the niches we focus on. 

In today’s hiring landscape, finding the right candidates is often the biggest challenge employers face. Partnering with STEM Talent Solutions gives organizations access to our broad network of pre-vetted candidates, including passive candidates they won’t find on sites like LinkedIn or Indeed. When we’re hired for a search, we use our deep knowledge of the hard and soft skills required for the role to identify the best talent in our pool, people who are more than just a warm body that make a real impact on your team.

We understand that every organization’s hiring needs are unique, and our flexibility allows us to adapt our services to match. We offer multiple payment options for all of our talent acquisition services. For short-term projects or workforce needs, our contract staffing services are a hassle-free way to add the right technical talent to your team, right when you need it. Our contract-to-hire option lets employers assess their new hire’s fit before extending a long-term offer, while our direct hire services streamline your hiring process, letting you devote resources to other areas of the business while we seek out professionals who are a perfect fit for your requirements. 

Above all, working with STEM Talent Solutions means entering a partnership with a staffing expert you can trust. We take the time at the start of each search to fully understand the culture, mission, vision, and values of your business, as well as the specific experience, traits, and competencies you need in the role. If you have a critical vacancy to fill, or are struggling to find in-demand technical talent, schedule a call with STEM Talent Solutions to learn how we can make a difference in your next hire. 

Our process


Initial intake call

We have a conversation with your hiring team about your hiring needs and goals, to determine whether STEM Talent Solutions is a good fit for your business.


In-depth consultation

If it’s feasible to do so, we’ll come to you for an on-site consultation, gaining hands-on insights into your company, workplace, and culture. Otherwise, we’ll do a video call to discuss your requirements for the role, refine the job description, provide candidate market insights, and finalize the budget and terms for the search.


Candidate presentation

We identify the most qualified professionals, both from our proprietary database and from the current employment market, and send along their resumes and information so you can choose the candidates you’re most interested in interviewing.


Selection and interviews

We streamline the logistics of the selection process, including scheduling interviews and facilitating communication between your hiring team and the candidates you’re considering.


References and assessment

Our team assists with any additional assessments or qualifications that you require, including reference checks, background checks, skill or personality assessments, and any other details you need to clarify before you decide who to hire.


Offer presentation

We assist throughout the offer presentation and negotiation process, helping to ensure the final agreement reached meets the needs of both the company and the candidate.

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