The industrial landscape is evolving quickly, and manufacturing companies need to recruit employees with a wider range of skills than in the past. Today’s manufacturing industry demands a workforce that is prepared to innovate and able to meet the challenges of constant change.

The recruiting services at STEM Talent Solutions connect manufacturing organizations with the top engineers, technology and automation experts, and other STEM-focused manufacturing talent in the current job market. Our established talent pipeline includes passive candidates ready to consider opportunities from the right employer, as well as active job seekers eager to grow their career with your company.

Our recruiting process starts with an in-depth conversation to hone in on your organization’s culture, as well as the specific skills, experience, and other qualifications of your ideal candidate. We develop the same deep relationships with professionals in our network, getting to know them beyond their resume so we can connect them with positions that are a perfect fit. This tailored, people-centered approach is at the heart of our manufacturing recruitment success. Add in our industry expertise, and it’s easy to see why our talent acquisition services are so effective at connecting manufacturers with the workers who will make an impact on their team. If you have a hiring challenge to overcome, contact STEM Talent Solutions today to learn how our recruiters can help.

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Our successful searches keep our manufacturing clients coming back

We undertook the recruitment and placement of maintenance technicians for our end client. These technicians possessed the ability to interpret diagrams, troubleshoot issues, and conduct repairs on equipment. Furthermore, they demonstrated proficiency in both mechanical and electrical trades, ensuring they were well-equipped for the tasks at hand.

Maintenance Technician

We successfully recruited a manufacturing engineer for our end client who fulfilled both the required skill set and budgetary constraints. The chosen candidate possessed strong interpersonal skills, capable of working effectively with others and establishing rapport, essential for collaboration on the shop floor. Additionally, the candidate brought experience in preventative maintenance and scheduling, demonstrating the ability to enhance processes through critical thinking and innovation.

Manufacturing Engineer

We facilitated the placement of eight contract mechanical assemblers for a specialized build project for our client. We identified and selected qualified assemblers who possessed the precise mechanical skill sets and necessary tools required to undertake the machine assembly project effectively.

Mechanical Assembler

We successfully filled the position of Production Supervisor with a rapidly expanding company. Our client sought a candidate who exemplified genuine leadership qualities and had a knack for fostering team cohesion. The selected candidate exhibited robust communication skills, a track record of staff development through training, and significant experience in effectively leading teams.

Production Supervisor

Our typical manufacturing roles

  • Facility Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Lean Manufacturing Engineer
  • Machinist
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Material Handler
  • Materials Engineer
  • Mechanical Assembler
  • Operations Manager
  • Panel Builder
  • Process Engineer
  • Production Coordinator
  • Quality Inspector
  • Test Engineer
  • Welder

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