Job Seekers

The professionals we work with don’t simply want to find any job. They’re looking for opportunities that can further their career, in a workplace where they can thrive. These are the types of roles STEM Talent Solutions helps professionals find. We leverage our expertise in STEM sectors and the deep relationships we build with clients to identify roles that are an ideal fit, not just for your skills, but also have the kind of culture and environment that you want to be a part of.

Demand is high for science, technology, and engineering talent. In today’s increasingly high-tech world, organizations across industries need people who understand how to best utilize the latest technological advancements to grow their business. That high demand means a lot of opportunities for STEM professionals, but that can be a curse as well as a blessing, making it more challenging to cut through the noise and find the role that’s right for you. 

This is what makes STEM Talent Solutions such a valuable partner for job seekers. When you connect with us, we bring the opportunities to you, providing insights about the employer that you can’t get from reading a typical job description or scouring the web for former employees’ bitter reviews. We consistently have confidential searches and other opportunities that aren’t publicized, giving you access to high-quality jobs you never would have found on a job search website. If you’re ready to make your next career move, reach out to the STEM Talent Solutions team today.

Our process


Initial conversation

We get to know your background, expertise, career goals, and what you’re looking for in your next role, so that we can find opportunities that are a perfect match.


Opportunity search

We review our clients’ current open roles to determine if any would be a good fit. If none do, we add you to our database to consider for future opportunities, and offer advice about your resume and the employment market to help you along in your job hunt.


Role presentation.

When we find a position that fits your needs, we’ll reach out with the details of the company and role so that you can decide if it’s an opportunity you want to pursue.


Selection and interviews

We streamline the logistics of the selection process, including scheduling interviews and facilitating communication between you and the company’s hiring team, and stay in constant communication so you always know where you stand in the process and the next steps to expect.


Offer presentation

We assist throughout the offer presentation and negotiation process, helping to ensure the final agreement reached meets both your needs and those of the hiring company.

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